• Space Minifig Shirt tutorial
  • Fanfare Flannel Riding Cape
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  • Tee pattern mod – crew neck to lap tee tutorial + free milk stencil
  • Bear Butt Baby Shorts tutorial
  • Union Street Tee Tour!
  • Embroidered Strawberry Top
  • Lotus Pond drop cloth picnic blanket AKA the zero squared blanket
  • Tee to tank tutorial and Ice Scream printable
  • Sew Geeky: Episode Two // Wampa Play Mat

travel diary – making up for missed days


Connectivity issues derailed my daily travel journal. And just as I knew it would happen, memories started piling up and merging together and became harder to pick out as easily.  A long awaited zoo trip happened. With it came delight, bad attitudes, a hippo with its mouth wide open, and several nursing sessions in various […]

travel diary – day three


                Chilly morning play date at grant park. The joy of seeing the faces of friends in front of you that usually only appear on a computer screen. Chasing my one year old up tall ladders, and watching young kids bridge the gap between that awkward first silence […]

travel diary – day two


  Apple crisp morning, scented with pine and garden herbs. Five tired and grateful people, underdressed for a chilly dawn, tromping through the garden with rosy noses. Various forms of rejuvenation for each family member….a nap in a pack and play, car seat snoozes, a bottle of stumptown cold brew, and Peets americano.  A wooden […]

travel diary – day one


   Hawthorne’s sweetly mischievous and wide toothy grin captivated the passengers behind and around us on our 5.5 hour cross country flight. Peeking through the seats, he sprinkled that special magic baby joy all over a 91 year old man. There was a bit of Karl from Up in his face, and I could see […]

Hawthorn Sweater


You’d think that with a zip sweater pattern called the “Hawthorn” I would have already made one for my Hawthorne. Especially given the fact that I’ve had fabric set aside for it for months. But that’s life! A sweater in summer would have been dumb anyway, right? So here it finally is! This pattern is […]

Space Minifig Shirt tutorial

Space minifig diy - girl like the sea for the sewing rabbit

  I’ve got a fun tutorial up on the Sewing Rabbit today! It’s for something I really loved the results of – Violet’s birthday Space Minifig tee. A hybrid between an applique and a stencil, it’s a fun and satisfying make. One of those things I finished and then kept parading around in front of […]

Tee pattern to retro tank – plus ice scream template

ice scream template - girl like the sea

  It’s time to bring home this early Summer post I wrote up for the Sewing Rabbit. Just in time for Fall right? Maybe some of my southern hemisphere friends will get some use out of this : ) Retro Tank – A Tee shirt pattern hack (plus ice scream template) I created this tutorial […]

Diary of a mom

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

Good morning, world. I’ve got nothing in particular planned today, either for my blog or for my family. The girls are currently consumed with a variety of books that came in the mail yesterday, and don’t seem to need me much for the moment; both a blessing and a bit disappointing. I’m getting the occasional […]

Fanfare Flannel Riding Cape

Fanfare riding cape - girl like the sea

In the world of fabric, there are two kinds of flannel. Flannel you like the day you bought it, and flannel you will keep liking even after you wash it. I’ve seen quite a bit of the first one. The second is harder to come by. My flannel is from the Cloud 9 organic Fanfare […]

Bleach Art Tutorial – Over at Finch!


I’ve been experimenting with using bleach as a sort of fabric dye lately, and have an easy and fun technique to share. And guess where I’m sharing it? The Finch Sewing Studio blog! Yep! I’ve found a way to get involved with Finch in more ways than just haunting the store with all my crazy […]