• Wolf Coat
  • Strawberries + cream sweatshirt + Hawthorne
  • Raised By Wolves Sweater and Stencil Download
  • Space Minifig Shirt tutorial
  • Fanfare Flannel Riding Cape
  • Shorts On The Line – Mustang Pocket Sketchbook Shorts
  • Tee pattern mod – crew neck to lap tee tutorial + free milk stencil
  • Bear Butt Baby Shorts tutorial
  • Union Street Tee Tour!
  • Embroidered Strawberry Top

Kids Clothes Week Penguin and Boy costumes

Lost and found costume - girl like the sea

So, I got almost zero useable shots in my quick barely dawn photo shoot with the kids. I was just snapping away for about 3 minutes and not even checking to see if anything I was getting looked ok. It’s ok though, since I want to do “real” photos of the kids in their matching […]

Wolf Coat

wolf coat DIY - girl like the sea

For my latest Sewing Rabbit tutorial, I sewed up one of the new 5&10 designs coats. But with a twist, of course. My tutorial is live on the Sewing Rabbit right now. But I took far too many pictures of my little mister, so I’ve gotta share them here! Also, I tried a new way […]

Kids Clothes Week – Day 1

rose fairy dress - girl like the sea

Technically I started Kids Clothes week – October 2014 edition – 4 days early. My husband is jetting out of town on KCW day two for a business trip and I wasn’t convinced I’d have any sewing time while he was away. Plus we’re doing Halloween on the 25th instead of the 31st so it […]

Brooklyn Patterns – Franklin Dress

Franklin dress - Girl Like The Sea

It felt like there was no time in my life to spend on pattern tours right now, but I decided to change my mind. When someone contacts me, says they spent the past 15 years working on costumes for the ballet, broadway, theatre, and circus, and they’ve just started making patterns for sale as a […]

Strawberries + cream sweatshirt + Hawthorne

Strawberries and cream striped sweater - GIRL LIKE THE SEA

  So, I made a sweatshirt. This pink and cream striped knit has been floating around my sewing table since summertime, destined to become something warm, but shunned during sweaty air conditioned days. I’m calling it strawberries and cream, half because the colors remind me of them, and half to make sure Clover is convinced […]

Nursing doodles


    Normally, my nursing time with Hawthorne is spent either reading a book, or catching up on Instagram or blog reading on the iPad. It’s a relatively new thing, having a tablet. Up until 3 months ago, we’d never owned one. It was basically like living in the stone ages,  I suppose, these days. […]

Raised By Wolves Sweater and Stencil Download

Raised by wolves sweater - girl like the sea

Have you ever had an idea burn in your brain for ages before you finally set it free? This sweater is one of those. Wolves are kind of my thing, I guess. Like if I were to be an animal, that would be it. Mammal (I like to nurse), stays with its family in a […]

travel diary – making up for missed days


Connectivity issues derailed my daily travel journal. And just as I knew it would happen, memories started piling up and merging together and became harder to pick out as easily.  A long awaited zoo trip happened. With it came delight, bad attitudes, a hippo with its mouth wide open, and several nursing sessions in various […]

travel diary – day three


                Chilly morning play date at grant park. The joy of seeing the faces of friends in front of you that usually only appear on a computer screen. Chasing my one year old up tall ladders, and watching young kids bridge the gap between that awkward first silence […]

travel diary – day two


  Apple crisp morning, scented with pine and garden herbs. Five tired and grateful people, underdressed for a chilly dawn, tromping through the garden with rosy noses. Various forms of rejuvenation for each family member….a nap in a pack and play, car seat snoozes, a bottle of stumptown cold brew, and Peets americano.  A wooden […]