Oliver + S swingset skirt

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When you’re a busy mom of crazy little kids, who likes to get some sewing done on the side, one of the best qualities you can find in a pattern is a balance between simple and special. The instructions and drafting quality need to be great, the project relatively quick to sew, and the final […]

Elsa, Bilbo, and Han Solo – Handmade Halloween 2016

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Halloween ended up being a marathon session of angst ridden night sewing, but dang it, I got it all done in time. Despite patterns with no pictures, patterns that mysteriously went missing (HAWTHORNE), and last minute scrambles to change plans, everyone got what they asked for. Halloween coincided with Fall Kids Clothes Week this year […]

Wild Explorer // Sewing For Kindergarten


I’m hitched up to the Sewing For Kindergarten series today – hosted by Mie of Sewing Like Mad. Which is weird, because I think I’m still in denial that Violet is technically Kindergarten age now. Nevertheless, I’ve officially declared her as a homeschool student in the state of Virginia. Yes, Mie was kind enough to […]

Indiesew fall patterns

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I’ve made myself a few – nay – several  shirts, hats, cowls etc that have never been blogged. Because I’m too awkward and also can’t work a camera remote. But! I’m on the Indiesew Fall pattern tour to share my brand new sloan leggings (and Biscayne blouse to go with, because if I’m going to […]

MadeIt fashion show week


  Hey, guys! Few things could have possibly made my little fashion and feminine things loving 6 year old happier than telling her she was going to be in a fashion show. She gasped and grabbed her clothes and started sashaying around immediately. Thankfully we got the low pressure version of a fashion show – […]

Lego Jackson Pollock // Violet turns 5

Lego Jackson Pollock - girl like the sea

Our electrical storm of a girl just turned 5. Everything she does is so big and so her. It seems like such a difference between her at 5 and her more scholarly and nerdy older sister. They’re really as different as can be, which is great in some ways and a constant clashing and clanging […]

Backyard Art Camp – repurposed art inspired book roundup

BeFunky Collage

  A reuseum! Never heard of it? The summertime kid art fun called “Backyard Art Camp” dreamed up by Jane of Buzzmills and Melissa of A Happy Stitch has a clever theme this year. Crafts and art made with repurposed materials. Cool right? Less trips to the craft store with my kids is always a […]

Birthday Batman cape tee

batman cape tee - girl like the sea

My baby turned two this week. Rude. It’s like my kids are all basically grown up at this point. His snuggles and neck hugs are still prime though, so I’m not complaining yet. You’ll hear about it when he stops nursing though. He’s superhero obsessed and already has an encyclopedia of info developing in his […]

Curiouser and curiouser! – Sewing in Wonderland


“And what is the use of a book,” thought Alice, “without pictures or conversation?” Alice in Wonderland is such wonderfully strange fun. I’ve loved it since I was little. You should have seen me in the role of the queen of hearts in a kids production of Alice. I accidentally beheaded a foam flamingo during […]

Becoming more happy, calm, and focused – around here

Jeff Goldblum in acrylic by girl like the sea

The thing about having a crisis of any kind in your life, is that it can force you to evaluate things. What you believe, your habits, your surroundings, what’s worthwhile. Kind of like New Years, but probably more meaningful since it’s coming from within. I had one of those things this year. It all started […]