Curiouser and curiouser! – Sewing in Wonderland


“And what is the use of a book,” thought Alice, “without pictures or conversation?” Alice in Wonderland is such wonderfully strange fun. I’ve loved it since I was little. You should have seen me in the role of the queen of hearts in a kids production of Alice. I accidentally beheaded a foam flamingo during […]

Becoming more happy, calm, and focused – around here

Jeff Goldblum in acrylic by girl like the sea

The thing about having a crisis of any kind in your life, is that it can force you to evaluate things. What you believe, your habits, your surroundings, what’s worthwhile. Kind of like New Years, but probably more meaningful since it’s coming from within. I had one of those things this year. It all started […]

Cosplay kids’ Riddler dress


  This dress was originally made for the 30 days of sundresses series on Melly Sews, but some tragic computer issues finally blew up right as I was finishing my original post, and have kept me from blogging anything for a long long time. So I’m just getting it up now. Do any of you […]

STYLO 4 – half of the details

IMGP7617_1 copy

    It took me longer than I would have liked to get around to the details on my Stylo looks, but we went on a truly great family vacation. Way better than typing on a geriatric, possessed computer that likes to flash pixelated squares and restart whenever it feels compelled to make me crazy…..anyway. […]

STYLO 4 magazine release day!


To make up for all the many days and weeks of neglect on my blog, I’m now going to make up for it by offering up a doozy. Way way back in the day, STYLO magazine made its debut, and I had the crazy luck to land a spot in it, after having replied to […]

Kids Clothes Week – Mini Hudsons

Processed with VSCOcam with a9 preset

Normally the shady, poorly lit and executed kids clothes week pictures can be explained by the intense sewing schedule and hastily photographed items. But my hastily photographed item has no other excuse other than its maker’s lack of motivation to do any major struggling with little models. Unfortunately, this super relaxed shoot still had its […]

Kids clothes week – knit sweater

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Kids clothes week happened years ago in blogtime, but I was lost in a bit of a hole during it. Nevertheless, I did manage to make one thing. This great little knit sweater for Clover. As a brief aside from the actual sewing, I just want to say that I feel kind of cheated out […]

Through the lenses

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As I started to explain in my last post, these past few weeks have been a strange and scary time for me as I deal with issues with fear and anxiety, but also positive in some ways. There’s growth happening. I’ve faced a lot of fears and tried to make improvements in my spiritual life, […]

Easter dresses, shirts, and scares etc

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Easter was weird. I’ll just start with that. We started off normal, feeling positive and excited. Little easter baskets left out for the kids, fresh clothes to wear to church. (I’ll round up all the info on the patterns/fabric at the bottom of the post) Hawthorne couldn’t stop taking over the world with his cuteness […]

Small World Blog Tour


Hey guys! I’m popping up to the surface to write a blog post! As a fan of a soft corduroy, I was pretty excited about the release of Small World by Cloud9 organics. And the only thing better than adorable Organic corduroy, is free adorable organic corduroy. My friend Rae (aka Made By Rae) actually […]