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  • Strawberries + cream sweatshirt + Hawthorne
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Fancy mint and cream Birthday party dress

birthday dress - girl like the sea

Someone is feeling the fancy vibes pretty hard. I sewed up this super fancy mint and cream birthday dress for my newly 6 year old girl, and it even has a zip and a silk bodice. Totally legit, right? (fabric and dress pattern details will be rounded up at the end of the post) A […]

CraftingCon – Princess Peach and Yoshi outfits

Princess peach inspired outfit - girl like the sea

Today I’ve got a post up on the CraftingCon site. The ladies over there host a competition and sew along every month based on a geeky theme. This month I’m joining up and doing Mario! You’ve gotta go check it out. My kids are bringing the cute. But I can’t just leave all the cute […]

Sew in Tune – Beat It

beat it outfit - girl like the sea

Hawthorne is hiding something under his hat….. He wants to show you what his mama made him for the Sew In Tune series…. In case you needed a tiny back-story on this – Sew In Tune is a series hosted by Melly Sews and Boy oh Boy oh Boy The gist is that each person […]

Kids Clothes Week – Bill Murray upcycle tee

Bill Murray upcycle - girl like the sea

Kids Clothes week strikes again! Time for some more sketchy photos of a kid wearing mom made clothes. This time another Oliver and S Field Trip raglan made of old mama tees. BTW, is anyone experiencing an unusual level of CRAY with their little ones this week? I’m thinking I’ll take a vacation from my […]

Kids Clothes Week – Winter 2015 day 1.5 (and a photo life dump at the end)

kids clothes week upcycle tee - girl like the sea

ICE!! Clover is getting her Elsa on in her new upcycled tee. This season’s theme for Kids Clothes Week is “Upcycled” which works for me, because I love reusing unwanted clothing items to make kid stuff. “Um, Clover did you see that the collar is Elsa blue. It’s basically a frozen shirt….” *Clover gasps* *Clover […]

Valentines day heart templates


Hey, just in case you’re looking for some Valentines heart craft inspiration, I wanted to point out my post from last Valentine’s Day. There’s a stencil for an anatomical heart, and an embroidery pattern for a different version of the heart. Plus some vintage shots of my kids, which I can’t believe were taken a […]

Art Prints and Tees

Abraham Lincoln Is Money - art by girl like the sea

Just a heads up, I really hope to open up my own etsy shop with some art prints in it. But in the meantime, I have a couple of prints and tees up for sale on society6. If you’re interested, I added a page on my menu with a link. Or you can just GO […]

Herringbone boy trousers…..with a twist

Herringbone trousers - girl like the sea

Robert Kaufman herringbone Art Museum trousers (deets on fabric and pattern at the end of the post) My sewing mojo took a bit of a dive after Christmas. All that frenzied making sapped my desire to get back onto the machine, and I found myself enjoying the simple pleasure of drawing more because you can […]

Abraham Lincoln Art + simplicity

Caffeination Proclamation - Girl Like The Sea

Sometimes you get an idea in your head, and it digs its fingernail into the maker lobe of your brain. Hence, Abraham Lincoln listening to earbuds and drinking a french press (of stumptown). That french press took about 2 minutes to draw. Mostly because I’ve drawn a lot of them lately. It was strangely satisfying […]

Wolf Coat Tutorial

wolf coat DIY - girl like the sea

  I’m bringing home this tutorial that I put together as a contributor for the Sewing Rabbit. It’s a fun addition to a hooded coat you may be sewing up for a little one. Alter the pieces a bit, and you could make it into different animals too. I’ve got kind of a thing for […]