• Abraham Lincoln Art + simplicity
  • The awesomest handmade doll ever
  • Cotton and Steel Sneak Peek
  • Nursing sketches
  • Lost and Found Halloween Costumes – take two
  • Wolf Coat
  • Strawberries + cream sweatshirt + Hawthorne
  • Raised By Wolves Sweater and Stencil Download
  • Space Minifig Shirt tutorial
  • Fanfare Flannel Riding Cape

Art Prints and Tees

Abraham Lincoln Is Money - art by girl like the sea

Just a heads up, I really hope to open up my own etsy shop with some art prints in it. But in the meantime, I have a couple of prints and tees up for sale on society6. If you’re interested, I added a page on my menu with a link. Or you can just GO […]

Herringbone boy trousers…..with a twist

Herringbone trousers - girl like the sea

Robert Kaufman herringbone Art Museum trousers (deets on fabric and pattern at the end of the post) My sewing mojo took a bit of a dive after Christmas. All that frenzied making sapped my desire to get back onto the machine, and I found myself enjoying the simple pleasure of drawing more because you can […]

Abraham Lincoln Art + simplicity

Caffeination Proclamation - Girl Like The Sea

Sometimes you get an idea in your head, and it digs its fingernail into the maker lobe of your brain. Hence, Abraham Lincoln listening to earbuds and drinking a french press (of stumptown). That french press took about 2 minutes to draw. Mostly because I’ve drawn a lot of them lately. It was strangely satisfying […]

Wolf Coat Tutorial

wolf coat DIY - girl like the sea

  I’m bringing home this tutorial that I put together as a contributor for the Sewing Rabbit. It’s a fun addition to a hooded coat you may be sewing up for a little one. Alter the pieces a bit, and you could make it into different animals too. I’ve got kind of a thing for […]

The awesomest handmade doll ever

Annie the doll - girl like the sea

My 5 year old, who was never really interested in caring for dolls much before, told me before Christmas that she’d really love a nice girl doll to learn to sew for. Truthfully, I’d already had my mind on several really cute doll projects that I’d seen here and there recently anyway, and her request […]

DIY Father and Son Vader and Luke shirts – free Luke Stencil

father and son shirts - girl like the sea

  One of the things I was busy creating in my little Christmas workshop were these father and son shirts for my husband and son. It’s hard to come up with something unique and “wow” for the guy who pretty much has to tell you specifically what he wants for Christmas (this video game, that […]

Cotton and Steel sneak peek dress

moon dress - girl like the sea

Follow my blog with Bloglovin Hey guys! Happy new year! I wrote up a post for the Finch Sewing Studio blog about this sweet little dress that I made with Cotton and Steel sneak peek fat quarters, and I thought I’d share it with my friends too. (I’m adding a bonus Hawthorne shot at the […]

Sewing To Sell – Project and Giveaway

pincushion - girl like the sea

It’s Monday morning! Are we all ready for another week of excitement leading up to Christmas? I’ve got a book review and a little project to share with you today. Virginia Lindsay, who runs the Gingercake pattern shop, has just written and published a book called Sewing To Sell, which is a conversational rundown of […]

Cotton and Steel Sneak Peek

cotton and steel animal hat - girl like the sea

I got the pleasure of being handed a few sneak peek fat quarters of the upcoming Cotton and Steel by my friend Nicole – the incredible owner of my favorite local sewing hangout Finch Sewing Studio. My little creations are proudly displayed in the shop right now! I wrote up a little blog post for […]

String Art

string art - girl lke the sea

I have a tutorial up on the Sewing Rabbit blog today for this holiday-esque string art project. I really like how it turned out! I enlisted the help of some friends for my photos since using the kids wasn’t the greatest idea. You know, nails and strings and stuff. I tell you what, I’m downright […]