What Would Celina Do? // Girl Like The Sea Style

Hey guys, guess what……

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Recently I was asked a question…..

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Here’s my answer…….


What would Celina do by girl like the sea

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If you don’t know Celina of Petit A Petit And Family, she just happens to be a sewing and style hero of mine. One of those people who just exudes cool. She’s got her own sense of style and marches to the beat of her own drum. Recently she co-created Stylo magazine, and even let me sew for it. How awesome is that? Her aesthetic is fashion forward, but with a throwback vibe, and just……her!

When Laura from Craftstorming asked me whether I’d join in this opportunity to honor/embarrass the hell out of Celina, I didn’t even think before saying yes. (yay for friends who switch blog tour dates with you when you realize you’ve just scheduled three blog things on the same day!)

One thing I’ve come to realize is that trying to sew something outside of my natural aesthetic is like swimming through jello or fighting against a tractor beam. Not easy. Definitely not fun. Unless it’s for a costume or something like that I just try not to do it. Luckily, emulating Celina is like adding awesome sauce to my own recipe. Enough similes for one paragraph? Ok, moving on…..

So, basically what I did was I took a list of things Celina has done that I wanted to do myself anyway, and used this opportunity to spur myself on to do them.

Floral peter pan collar on striped top + upcycle

Celina is big on upcycling, as am I, so this a no brainer. Her stripes with floral thing is really cool too and I’ve never done it before. Now that I pay attention, the fabric I used for the collar is eerily similar.

celinastripesfloralStripes on floral

Dip dye ombre effect

Somehow I hadn’t gotten around to doing this yet, but how amazing is this pinafore? Ever since seeing Celina’s dip dye projects, I’ve wanted to do my own. Still want to do my own Penguin at the north pole shirt.


Roly poly dip dye

Quirky kid art props

The rabbit mask tie in was entirely coincidental. While I was finishing the shirt, the kids were in a bitter war over the markers I never take from lockdown. They were coloring these dollar masks, and only after my first super awkward photo shoot did I think “hey, that mask would be fun as a prop.” So I hovered annoyingly behind Clover as she meticulously realized her artistic vision, and snagged more photos when she was done.

But I also know that Celina is good at adding a quirky element to her shoots so this worked out great


diy bunny cardboard mask for dress up kids costumeMasks tutorial

What Would Celina Do // Girl Like The Sea Style


Only once have I done a peter pan collar on anything, and now that the trend is totally used up and on the way out I’m finally loving it. The look of one on a tee really appeals to me so I drafted my own collar pattern using the Flashback Tee from Rae (I know, if you read my blog very often you’re like “dude, can you use something else….ever….”). I also turned the tee into a swingier A-line shape because the idea of a straight up skinny tee with a collar seemed weird to me.

So, I looked around online and decided I love the look of the pointy collar. It looks kind of nun-like, but in a cool way. Is there a cool way? Only in my mind? Like a nun who shops at H&M. YES


Now let me tell you about this floral fabric first: It’s a Yuwa Japanese cotton lawn (my first yard of it ever) and OHMYGOSH I’m obsessed with it. Imagine Gnats carries this one plus some others, and you better believe I’ll be getting more because it has ruined me. Ruined! It just feels so nice, and is yarn dyed, has great colors, great drape. Yep. LOVE IT.

Convert to my new Japanese lawn cult. We can make quilts and lay them on floors, yelling at anyone who steps on one to “get off my lawn!”

In all seriousness, this stuff made a perfect collar. It lays down like a boss.


The dip dye actually went really well for the most part. The only catch was that this turned out purple and I’m one of those purple hater people. Clover, on the other hand, loves the purple. LOVES IT. I was trying to be all stealth and used some denim colored dye mixed with a bit of purple, hoping to get an indigo sort of color. I had the notion that I could present the dye bottles to Clover and have this convincing speech about how I used purple so she has to like it. Well, it turned out purple so yay for Clover. Yaaaaaaaay. Lol.

I used a striped men’s shirt from Target for fabric. It was white and gray, which Clover regarded with much skepticism when I said it was for her. EEEW. Gray!
The horror.


My crafty support system responded to my cries for help on putting this collar in. I would have just followed Celina’s tutorial but I constructed the knit portion first by itself because I didn’t want to dye the collar.



Keyhole for head room. Celina would not make a neck hole too small.


I love when I notice my kids’ crooked bangs need trimming when I’m adding blog photos of them to be seen publicly. Super!


Celina, if you’re reading this, I hope you’re honored and embarrassed.

Thanks for stopping by! Go check out Craftstorming to see more about this blog bomb!



  1. says

    I was just thinking yesterday that I really needed to come to your blog and comment. I get your posts in my emails and I am awful at commenting but always want to- definitely something I need to work on. And you are always so good and supportive. As for today, I am complete in shock and totally embarrassed but so honored and speechless. I am not sure I’ve felt all of these emotions at once before. I absolutely love your outfit and all the details you put into it and your daughter is just the sweetest. You should see the hair cut I gave my son- now that is embarrassing but shhh- he hasn’t been teased yet! Thank you from the bottom of my heart for taking part in this crazy idea of a series. xxx

    • says

      Thanks for the comment! I know how it is, trying to take in all the blog posts plus commenting on them can be pretty time consuming.
      It was fun using you as an inspiration!

      I should have the kids hair under control considering I was professionally trained as a stylist. Hahahaha. Oh well.
      Tara recently posted…Color InspirationMy Profile

  2. says

    I love it! Floral and stripes is something I need to try out. I have a love/hate relationship with how unpredictable dye is. It’s fun, but you have to hold your breath as it goes in because you don’t know if you’re about to ruin something!

  3. says

    Oh my you always make me giggle!! Thanks for that!! Yay for purple!! I’m sure clover is thrilled!! I love the way it turned out! I had stripes and floral Peter Pan collar on my list too but called an audible and went raglan instead.. Great job :)

  4. says

    Now see purple happens to be my favorite color but I rarely sew with it probably because I have two boys and am not super girly myself. Lol. And I’m totally with you on the sewing outside of my aesthetic- it never ends well for me!

    • says

      I’m not a TOOOOTAL purple hater. Some shades actually agree with me. Like plum or eggplant. Dark or neutralish ones. I think boys actually look really cute in dark purple and black stripes. I’ve also never forgotten this awesome purple velvet jacket that Bono wore. So great

  5. says

    I think your style compliments Celina’s perfectly. I love how many different elements you’ve taken from her style. The combination of stripes and floral is so lovely. I also have a purple lover and would much prefer blue!
    Laura recently posted…What Would Celina Do?My Profile

  6. Mie @ Sewing Like Mad says

    I LOVE that floral collar…and I can’t believe how much Celina you put into one outfit. Your photos are beautiful and I cant stop laughing at the bangs….yup, real life peeking through, phew! 😉

  7. says

    Looking good over here, Tara! I love the shape of that collar, lovely! And thanks for the tip on the fabric. I’m in the market for something new, I think. In terms of bangs, I say – let her do it herself, or let it ride. I like em’.

    • says

      I DIY all the hair around here since I actually have a cosmetology license. One would think that with training I could keep my kids looking kind of sharp. But nope. And my husband gets haircuts weeks after he really needs them. Poor family.
      Tara recently posted…Color InspirationMy Profile

  8. says

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