Willow and Co glamping tour

willow and co glamping tour by girl like the sea

If you’re running in the kids sewing circles you’re probably tired of running circles!  you’ve probably heard the hubbub about the Willow and Co pattern collective. There’s always hubbub when the cool people gather to do something together, right? Especially when they’re cool people who don’t act like they’re cool. But you didn’t come here for a treatise on social dynamics did you?

I’ll admit, when I saw the teaser info on this upcoming collection, I was kind of stalking their site and waiting for extra info. Like, for a while. What is this “glamping” pattern collection, I asked myself?

Then inexplicably, an email showed up from Celina, one of the aforementioned cool people, asking if I would “go glamping with her”. You might already know that I dig Celina. A while ago I even did a tribute post for her with a bunch of other people, borrowing from her style. She also let me join in with Stylo Issue One. All that to say, I shot a yes back at Celina like lightning. So, here I am! On the glamping tour, you guys! (Can I just gripe for a second that my spellcheck function in wordpress doesn’t recognize glamping as a real word? Then again, it also doesn’t recognize “wordpress” so what can you expect?)

If you’re curious about the collection, you can flip through the widget below or go to their site

  willow and co glamping tour by girl like the sea

Glamping, if you haven’t heard, is simply glamorous camping. Sleeping in nice tents with mattresses, packing the good wine and some recipes from Sunset Magazine, looking like you’re dressed for a resort. That sort of thing.  There is a whole range of patterns in the glamping collection from a gorgeous dress to cargo pants, and all sorts of things between. Even a bag to pack your cold brewed organic free trade coffee in a mason jar. Oh wait, I guess that would be my glamping trip. These are children! Homemade lemonade, then?


willow and co glamping tour by girl like the sea


I had GRAND plans for my stop on the tour. At one point I was just figuring on making all the things. Silly me. Don’t I ever learn? There is still a Hawthorn zip sweater sitting on my ironing board in the form of a half yard of gorgeous tweedy looking french terry. It was going to be for my 9 month old boy named Hawthorne. Did I mention that the patterns are all botanically named? Two bear the names of my kids – they were just missing Violet! Our other name idea for Hawthorne was Ash, which is the name of this jumpsuit I made for Clover.


willow and co glamping tour by girl like the sea


The Ash jumpsuit was conceived by Celina. I sewed one in 5T for my 5 year old. Normally I have to hybridize her size to fit Clover’s long skinny frame, but I thought this would be fine straight up because of all the elastic. I just used the elastic measurements for her actual body size and it fits great. I did shorten the shorts, and wish I had even taken off more, just because I’m kind of in love with seeing her long chicken legs in all their glory. The only other change I made was using 1/4″ elastic because this rayon was really fiddly and I had a beast of a time sewing the facing in nicely. Certain places were too skinny for a 3/8″ elastic so I just used a smaller one.


The fabric is a beautiful rayon by Joel Dewberry – bought at Finch Sewing Studio


All three of us girls think this fabric is great, which is saying something because those two never agree on any fabric choice!


willow and co glamping tour by girl like the sea

The girls enjoyed a quick glamp through the nature area behind our library. Rocks were discovered, no doubt to be made into some fabulous jewelry or Anthro inspired home dec project. These are glampers afterall.

Violet was packing a pom pom for no apparent reason, as she set out on her journey through the bush.


willow and co glamping tour by girl like the sea  

Violet, my 3 year old, is wearing a pair of the Clover shorts. While it would make more sense to have them on the girl whose name is Clover, it didn’t end up working out that way. They were actually supposed to be for her, but I messed something up when adjusting the pattern to be a 2T width and 5T length. They ended up shorter than was comfortable on her, but fit on Violet with a quick shortening of the elastic.

Poor Clover. She chose the fabric and was really excited about her new Clover shorts. You better believe there were many tears shed over the shorts not working on her. But she did get the jumpsuit out of it, so all is well. Violet is a very petite 3 year old so the shorts are on the big side for her, but I still think they look really cute. She makes a great safety net when it comes to sewing things for my older daughter. Lol.


willow and co glamping tour by girl like the sea


Clover didn’t know what a jumpsuit was, so when I gave it to her she assumed it was akin to a swimsuit. That she was supposed to go jump on things in it.


Then Violet, our wild beast of a child, burst into tears because she “wanted a jumpsuit to jump in too!!” I tried to explain it all to her, but she’s not having it. She NEEDS a jumpsuit. Mommy has been informed several times since. But one that goes allllllllll the way down to her ankles. 


willow and co glamping tour by girl like the sea


Instructions and pattern pieces for both garments were thorough and functional. Even though the patterns were made by two different people, and different in style when it came to the PDF file etc, there was cohesive quality. I looked over some of the other patterns as I tried to narrow down what my plans would be for sewing and I appreciated everything I saw. The Hawthorn sweater should come out as shiny as a new penny if the instructions and pattern are anywhere near as good as the Small Fry skinny jeans pattern (also a craftstorming pattern) .


willow and co glamping tour by girl like the sea


I was worried that all this floral would just be a LOT of floral, but I love it. As much as I labored over making the fabric choices, there was no way I needed to be mixing another in with this one. But a two toned jumpsuit would be very cool. Especially if the top half were a neutral – like a stripe. Yes, stripes are neutral in my book. How else could I mix so many different ones together in one outfit on myself and not look like a mad woman?…….


willow and co glamping tour by girl like the sea

This kid’s modeling has really kicked up a notch lately.


willow and co glamping tour by girl like the sea


Violet’s clover shorts were made with the tailored pleat view and no waist ruffle or sash. The sash looks really cute, but I didn’t spring for it this time. Next time I will though because I’m a little sad that I didn’t for these. I love the tailored look of the pleats though. They look special, and the shorts look more involved than they really are. It’s actually a pretty quick project.

The fabric is leah duncan meadow from Finch. Buttons are vintage from my stash of some that I found at an antique store.

Almost everything about this fabric makes me happy. The particular shade of green speaks to me right now. The print looks vintage and sweet. But I have a love/hate relationship with quilting weight cotton, and it’s definitely tipping towards the hate side. There are so many cute print options out there with the quilting cotton, and Art Gallery makes a much nicer feeling one than most brands, but it doesn’t have the same drape as garment fabric. Yet, I keep going back to it to sew clothes. Lol. Maybe it’s just that my local shop sells too many amazing prints. Lol!

That’s not the part that annoys me really though. It’s that every time I press a seam, I get a huge freaking wrinkle someplace else in my project and then it won’t iron out! Does this happen to anyone else? Am I just a terrible presser? It was making me crazy. And I never did get all the wrinkles out.


willow and co glamping tour by girl like the sea


My glamping trip is coming to an end. It’s time to pack the pelegrino and badminton back into the pottery barn picnic basket and call for the valet. hopefully the trip home won’t take too long because there’s more sewing from this collection that needs to be done. The fawn lily tunic and dress (pictured below looking gorgeous in solids) has to be done. And the Elm poncho is a must for me as well. Perfect for nature romps with my little explorers.

There is more to come from other, way better sewists than I. Did you see the list on the clickable image map below? I laugh to see my name on there too. Lol! See I totally just laughed out loud there.

A giveaway!

There”s a rafflecopter giveaway happening too if you’re in the mood to win some free fabric and a pattern. You’ve gotta leave me a blog comment though so let me know what your favorite flower is in the comments section

Head to Willow and Co to check everything out, and thank you for visiting! Thank you Celina for inviting me to glamp with you!



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a Rafflecopter giveaway


  1. Ute says

    YAY! I was so waiting for you to make something from the collection as soon as I saw the names of the patterns! I love your little glampers – pom poms and rocks, there are no better accessories for a glamping trip! Can´t wait to see your interpretations for the other patterns. (and yes, of course stripes are solids!!) Hard to decide on a favorite flower, but for spring, defenitely lily of the valley, I just picked some in teh forest and they smell heavenly.

    • Ute says

      In the Rafflecopter thingy it also said to name your favorite pattern of the collection, so that woud be the jumpsuit. And I laughed out loud when I read your girls thought it was for jumping – well, what else?! 😉

  2. Mie @ Sewing like mad says

    TARA!!!! First of all you are hilarious! And so is your kids. A jumpsuit to jump in, duh, of course!!! I guess you just have to have another one!
    I love love love your fabric choices. Pretty much perfect!!!
    And yeah Clover really need her Clovers!!

  3. says

    Tara! I just can’t seem to get away from you! Stop following me! Haha! JK!!!!! I love that we have been “sewing together” everywhere it seems :) Love both of these pieces and adore your fabric choices!! Your girls are seriously the cutest and seem like they have the best personalities. You did an amazing job and the photos are awesome as usual and I wish I were half as good of a writer as you! Stop being so awesome!!! :) Amazing job friend! :)

  4. says

    I can’t decide if I like the Aster cardigan or the Elm poncho better. I have a soft spot for coats but I think I’ve already made too many so the cardigan would prob be a wiser choice =)
    Caroline recently posted…Back at itMy Profile

  5. says

    i love it all! that jumpsuit is killer…. so so great. as for my fave flower, I love lisianthus. I also love a good peony. :)

  6. says

    Oh my – I just LOVE those shorts!! And the fabric is divine but I love all Leah Duncan fabric so it makes sense I love it :) Those clover shorts are def my favourite – if only I had a girl to sew for!! I pretty much love all flowers, so how to choose?? Maybe something home grown Australian… how about a kangaroo paw? An unusual looking flower but you can get them in loads of gorgeous colours now :)
    Natalie from Sewoutnumbered recently posted…May Sewing PlansMy Profile

  7. says

    Amazing! and I wasn’t expecting anything else. I couldn’t imagine going glamping with anyone else- seriously. I just love it all… the colors, the fabric, the photos, your girls. And the pompom- perfect! Thank you so much for glamping with me! xxx
    Celina recently posted…Look who’s glamping?My Profile

  8. Marissa says

    Carnations. They are beautiful, smell deliciously spicy and come in so many beautiful colours! Love <3

  9. Joy Friesen says

    I love the shorts pattern, but seeing your romper made me think that it is really cute also. I love daffodils, one of the first signs of spring:)

  10. says

    I love your jumpsuit and shorts!! And was cracking up at your girls thinking a jumpsuit is for jumping in. Of course! lol How cute!

  11. Elena Butler says

    I can’t decide between the Ash Jumpsuit and the Fawn Lily dress! They’re both soooo cute! Both must haves!

  12. Clover says

    These patterns are growing on me. But that’s what these blog hops do, right?! I need to win because my name is Clover too! But my favorite flower is the tulip. Great job.

  13. brittany says

    Love that jump suit…it’s a must-have!! My favorite flower is gerb daisies..simple and lovely.

  14. says

    I LOVE this in floral! It’s really lovely.

    I think my favorite pattern in this collection is the Fern Lily, even though this jumpsuit is fabulous. My 4 year old doesn’t work well with jump suits. She waits too long to potty *eyeroll*

    My favorite flower is ranunculus, not just because it’s fun to say. I swear!
    Bernadette recently posted…Sewing an inset at The Sewing RabbitMy Profile

  15. Joan says

    My favourite flower is Violet, because we have one of those in our family too. I love all the patterns in this collection, but am starting with the Fawn Lily.

  16. says

    These are gorgeous Tara! I love the jumpsuit in that vibrant floral – and of course they are meant for jumping in! Haha. The shorts are gorgeous too – I can understand Clover’s disappointment. I can’t wait to see your Hawthorne in a Hawthorn and, no doubt, another pair of Clovers for Clover.

    Also, I think I could fight you for the “most awkward user of an iron” award. I am always getting extra creases where they aren’t needed too.
    Laura recently posted…Piece Out TeeMy Profile

  17. elena says

    i love your versions of these!! you’ve convinced me i need to make the Ash jumpsuit for my little girl. the floral fabric makes it so, so pretty. i don’t have a favourite flower … i just love to see flowers with bees buzzing around them. i do love roses and tulips and lavender and poppies and sunflowers. anything really!

  18. Pinon Coffee says

    The jumpsuit for jumping cracks me up. Super cute.

    Favorite flower?? Well, growing wild on a fence in Purcellville, I discovered pink honeysuckle and was smitten. I thought it only came in yellow. And did you know violets and Queen Anne’s Lace grow wild around here too?

  19. says

    The Elm is definitely my favourite, it has such a lovely hem line and I like the poncho look so much. It’s true that the jumpsuit has been floating around, but yours is the first blog post to sell me on this collection actually (thanks!)
    Here in Australia, the eucalyptus trees have amazing flowers that peak out of their small wooden vessels and have no petals; they smell like a memory of honey and clean sheets. Even though I have lived in both hemispheres my favourite flowers are these found in Australia, they are nothing short of magical.

  20. says

    I just want to say I am loving your blog! So glad I found it…We’re surrounded by bluebells at the moemnt so I’m going with bluebell as my favourite flower. I’m on my second make from the Glamping collection – a mulberry tunic, finished but couldn’t persuade my model to put it on for pics today…hopefully I’ll get to blog about it over the weekend!
    Lucy losingmythread recently posted…Liberty Summer Concert Tee for Selfish Sewing WeekMy Profile

  21. Shannon says

    I love this! That fabric is so liberty! I have twin nieces that would LOVE the jumpsuit! And I love ALL of it! :)

  22. says

    I’m all about the Fawn Lily and the Clover shorts, although I’m kind of torn about what fabric I’ll use for them. Put my almost 2 year old in linen? Printed quilting cotton that won’t match anything? We’ll see.
    mjb recently posted…Baby Girl SewingMy Profile

  23. says

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