Cotton and Steel Simple Skirts – Kids Clothes Week wrap up

Cotton and Steel simple skirts by girl like the sea

Kids clothes week wrapped up yesterday, and I’m pretty sure I snuck in my due time every day but the one I visited with Jane and her kids in Leesburg for some Finch fun. All was not lost though, because I happened to scrape the bottom of my pocket (literally, I actually had money IN my pocket) and find enough to grab a couple of half yards of these Cotton and Steel prints that I’ve been dying to get. I can’t say whether she even has this stuff still in stock, because Cotton and Steel is like the Beatles of the sewing world and their stuff gets snatched up like THAT *snaps fingers* But here is a link to the online shop anyway

HOW GREAT ARE THE LIONS AND TIGERS THOUGH. I’m only sad there aren’t any bears for Hawthorne

Cotton and Steel simple skirts by girl like the sea

In true Kids Clothes Week tradition, I have a few sketchy photos of my creations. They have since been worn by their recipients, though with a bit of hesitation because they haven’t been properly photographed in them yet. Boy, do they know the drill! They even took them off of their own accord when we started eating watermelon cake for Hawthorne’s birthday. hahaha. “mama hasn’t taken pictures yet!”

They’re just super simple box skirts made with the full width of the (not very wide) bolt, and with a separate waistband. Waistband fabric courtesy of a care package from Kristin.

I’ve gotten into the habit of stitching my elastic down in the middle to keep it from flipping. Seriously, seeing elastic all rolled up in a waistband makes me in.sane


Cotton and Steel simple skirts by girl like the sea

If  you think these photos are lame, you’re just lucky I managed to avoid taking any of those creepy foot in the corner shots. Heh.

Cotton and Steel simple skirts by girl like the sea

Some experimental Abe scraps made it into the skirts as tags. When I went digging for scraps to slap in there as a tag, I came across the practice stamps I’d done for the Abe Lincoln dress. There technically isn’t a back or front to these skirts since they are the same all around, but the girls get weirded out if there isn’t a “back”.

Cotton and Steel simple skirts by girl like the seaOne rando modeled shot from Hawthorne’s birthday party

And KCW, out!


  1. says

    Oh, that’s such a great tip on the elastic! Yay for a Finch meetup! And getting to hang with you and your crew! I might need to head out there every other month to oggle the fabric :) These skirts are super cute! Also, yes…bears! They need bears! oh well.
    Jane recently posted…KCW, Summer: Two more Tanks…My Profile

  2. Sarah says

    KIDS CLOTHES WEEK — LOVE your selection of 2 FUN & FAB prints: pink & hot pink lions on a white background AND lions’ heads drawn B & W with FULL MAINS on a red background. FAB idea to use denim for waistbands with elastic (practical as it can be extended as daughter grows). I also like the longer length of the skirts. EASY sewing, yet UNIQUE skirts for a young girl! Bet Hawthorne’s friends liked the “lions’ heads skirt she wore for her birthday party! THANKS for sharing. Sarah Helene in Minneapolis

  3. says

    Thank you for the tip about sewing down the middle of the elastic! It drives me crazy and is such a pain to flip back into place. And that tiger print is fantastic- off to search out where I can get some.
    Elizabeth recently posted…KCW : an outfit for EMy Profile

    • says

      I honestly didn’t realize people were going to like my waistband method so much, or I would have shared about it a long time ago! Haha. Flipped elastic is crazymaking. Good luck finding the tigers. Cotton and steel seems to sell out quick. But there might still be some in the online Finch shop

  4. Sarah says

    OPPHHHS! I meant to type “pink and hot pink striped TIGERS” as the designs in the first gathered skirt, not lions. The lions’ faces are drawn on the second skirt. STILL LOVIN’ both unique skirts! Sarah Helen in Minneapolis


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