Hawthorn Sweater

hawthorn sweater - girl like the sea

You’d think that with a zip sweater pattern called the “Hawthorn” I would have already made one for my Hawthorne. Especially given the fact that I’ve had fabric set aside for it for months. But that’s life! A sweater in summer would have been dumb anyway, right? So here it finally is!

This pattern is one by Titchy Threads for the Willow and Co pattern collective.

Back in May I participated in their pattern tour, and you can see my other takes on their patterns here


hawthorn sweater - girl like the sea

Hawthorne looks pretty handsome in his little half zip doesn’t he? This was one of those projects that was in imminent danger of being tossed into the scrap pile, so I’m glad I managed to fight through and finish. For some reason I had really bad sewing mojo with this one.

Having already had great success with two other Titchy patterns (small fry skinny jeans version one, version two is still unblogged, and fancy pants leggings) I have built in trust with her patterns. The small fries are a work of art, IMO. So I’m not sure where things went so wonky with me on this one.

My kitchen was littered in zipper teeth, plucked after several failed installs and rippings out. Hand sewing new zip stops, because my machine has decided to boycott wide zig zags right now, I was spilling swear words all over my work. The zipper repeatedly was too long, and my facings wound up getting all wonky from all the sewing and ripping out. Things got weird.


hawthorn sweater - girl like the sea

But this fabric was so nice, and I had already spent so much time trying to make it work, that I just kept going until things were good enough.


hawthorn sweater - girl like the sea

As you can see, the zipper is in, but it’s not beautiful. Hawthorne hasn’t said anything about it though. He’s a sweet one.

My first plan was to go with the full zip option, which would have been a lot more straightforward and doable for a sewing mess like me, but despite the thousands of zippers I have hoarded away in a plastic bag (a score from digging through some free sewing stuff in a rather sketchy situation), I didn’t have a separating zip that was going to work. They were all really heavy metal (insert guitar riff and headbang) and not right for this lightweight and delicate french terry. The fabric is a loose knit, and I was nervous that the weight would make it sag.

I got it at Finch sewing studio, but it was ages ago so it’s all gone. I did the facings with organic cotton french terry leftovers from when I did Stylo



This sweater will be great for trips to the beach when we head back to my hometown in Oregon in a few days. It’s cozy without being toasty……In case abstract descriptions are your thing.

I think I just cried inside at the reminder that I have to fly across the country with my kids. If I had a superpower, I would ask for the power to make people go to sleep. Can you imagine?


hawthorn sweater - girl like the sea


This guy is a bundle of awesome energy and noise. So basically perfect for five hour + stretches of time stuffed into a tin can with a bunch of other cranky people hurtling through the sky. I’m hoping the flight attendants will enjoy the inevitable glimpses of my boob they’re in for. Then there’s violet…… The child with no settings but “run” and “pass out”.


hawthorn sweater - girl like the sea

I’m hoping their charm is stronger than their tantrums


hawthorn sweater - girl like the sea


hawthorn sweater - girl like the sea

hawthorn sweater - girl like the sea

hawthorn sweater - girl like the sea

My blogging is sporadic anyway, but it’ll be even more spotty while we’re on our long vacation. You just might hear from me on the road though! Every time we head back to Oregon for a long trip, I always wish I had kept a travel journal to remember all the details that fade from memory quickly after we return. Who wants to pester me to get me to do it this time?


  1. Mie @ Sewing Like Mad says

    You might have had bad sewing mojo with this but the result is amazing! I love the fabric you used – LOVE! If it makes you feel better I have tried to shorten a zipper ONCE and never NEVER again. I would rather push my sewing project so I have the right size zipper from the start….so there a little tip for your next half-zip Hawthorn :-)

    And then there is flying with kids….ohhhhh ahhhhh.
    I have done transatlantic flight several times and this summer I did it on my own for the first time ( I know…only two kids 4 & 6 years old…not a baby/toddler in the mix, ahem).
    My best tips besides the usual with all the electronic devices you own or can borrow is to bring tiny secret presents you can pull out (of your sleeve :-) when things start to go a bit crazy. Like sticker books, small figures if there are into that etc. Also the No Mess coloring books from Crayola are genius for traveling. Try to keep it all a secret from them until you need it on the plane…that works best :-) And don’t forget the snacks.

    Good luck….and have an amazing trip!

  2. says

    Oh i love this!! He does look so handsome and big boyish!! I really want to give the hawthorn a try, but alas, I fear that Henry will simply refuse to wear it for one reason or the other! :( Have a great trip! And good luck on the plane! :)
    Jane recently posted…DIY Hammock Pillows…My Profile

  3. says

    Ack, that fabric looks divine! I’ve had the Hawthorne for awhile too and was putting it off until I thought we’d get some use out of it. These boys grow so fast that it’s worthless to sew for them before they need something. Have a great trip! I’ll be checking all the things to see what you’re posting about your vacation cause I’m going to live there some day.
    Stacey recently posted…Perfect Pattern Parcel #4: Zippy Jacket and Small Fry Skinny JeansMy Profile

  4. says

    Tara, I love it! And it looks perfect to me! Hawthorne looks so distinguished in it! :). And your posts always make me laugh. From superpowers to heavy metal – you’re just so witty! :).
    I hope your trip goes well. We don’t do much tv normally but swear by portable DVD players with headphones for flights. And nowadays you can even use your phone with a movie downloaded. Oh and packing snacks is a must for us!
    Rachel recently posted…Another Newborn Gown with a (free) pattern to comeMy Profile

  5. says

    I had no idea, from looking at it, that there was an issue with the zipper. The fabric is wonderful! And I always think of your Hawthorne when I see this pattern :) A few other thoughts:
    I am interested to know about this free-sewing-supplies-scoring-in-sketchy-situation situation.
    Good luck on the flight and enjoy the vacation! I am completely charmed by your children and would absolutely ignore tantrums on a flight if I was on one with them :)
    Sabra at Sew a Straight Line recently posted…Perfect Pattern Parcel: Jet PackMy Profile

  6. says

    Oh I love this! That fabric is amazing and it looks so cute on your Hawthorne. I can’t believe how big he’s getting.

    Like Sabra said, I hadn’t noticed a zip issue until you mentioned it. If there’s anything I can help with them feel free to send me an email.
    Laura recently posted…Willow & Co ContestMy Profile

  7. ute says

    I think the sweater turned out great! Looks perfect to me and so comfy. Hope your trip will be wonderful and the flight a pleasant surprise 😉 I always love to fly when kids are around, they never bother me and I am sure it would be a very entertaining trip with your bunch.

  8. says

    Do the travel journal! I’m blogging about our travel now that we are home and while no one else might enjoy reading about it, I’m glad I’ll have a journal of sorts to look back through and remember our trip. Just finished my Portland segment tonight and it makes me wish we could go back. Good luck with the flying. We made it there and back (mostly) so hopefully your trip will be not too horrible! Love the sweater by the way. I’ve got that pattern and am hoping to make one for the boys this fall.

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